Just a week away

Our four PeaceCamp Initiative delegates for 2017 - Illay, Tali, Mohammad, and Malak - will be arriving at Tel Aviv's Ben Gurion Airport next Tuesday evening to catch a midnight flight to the US where PeaceCamp founder Robert Kent will meet them and drive them to Camp Susquehannock in upstate PA. More pictures will be coming all summer, but in the meantime, here's one of the delegates, members of their family, PeaceCamp Initiative co-director Jamie Leno Zimron, and Budo for Peace staff Danny Hakim and Robeen Arkia - at a preparatory meeting last week in Tel Aviv.


Wonderful first week

Pictures from the first 10 days of life for Bashar, Omer, Sliman, and Shade at Camp Susquehannock. Highlights include the visit of PCI co-director Jamie Leno Zimron Sensei, the Girl's camp Olympics, and a special serving for everyone in camp of ice cream donated by Ben & Jerry's, who've supported The PeaceCamp Initiative since 2008.